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CB Professional Tax Services 

CB Professional Tax Services is an independently owned company, with 2 physical locations opening up in Winston- Salem, NC 2022. We are proud to offer virtual tax services in all 50 states.  We specialize in preparing and electronically filing for Federal and State Income Tax returns for individuals and small businesses. Our goal is to help other aspiring tax professionals find a partner to help them get established or continue to grow. We help our clients get their tax business off the ground by providing EFIN/PTIN services, software training, tech support, marketing strategies, and much more. Our customer service and extreme affordable quality software is what sets us apart from the competition. 

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If you are still reading this, it's no coincidence our paths crossed. I am a firm believer in purpose and divine intervention. I just know that you are here for a reason: maybe you are looking for a new career, maybe you are looking for a side hustle? Whatever it is ,let's chat and see if this what the stars have aligned for you. 

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